What is Property Valuations?

Is the process of developing an independent opinion of value for real/immovable/movable property, usually expressing an opinion on market value carried out by a Registered Valuer. At Crystal Real Estate (Pvt) Ltd we strive to produce objective valuation reports based on sound research and as well would like to ensure that potential conflicts prejudicial to our clients’ interests are avoided through maintaining independence and objectivity.

Property Valuations Covered
These include:

  • Movable assets valuation e.g motor vehicles, furniture and fittings, computers, office equipment, licenses and software.
  • Immovable asset valuations in form of: commercial(office towers/retail buildings/offices), residential(high/low and medium densities) and industrial buildings(factory/manufacturing warehouses and offices)

Targeted Clientele include: Banks, Insurance Companies, Local Authorities, Pension Funds, Individual Corporates i.e. listed and non-listed companies and The Public.

Main Valuation Purposes Include:

  • Mortgage Loan Financing
  • Taxation
  • Settling Deceased Estates and Divorces
  • Insurance
  • Sales/Purchase
  • Investment Analysis
  • Balance Sheet
  • Expropriation

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