Property Sales

Why Use an Estate Agent to Buy/Sell  Property?

For most people the purchase or sale of property may happen once or never appear in their lives at all, thus to avoid unnecessary complications by venturing into  uncharted waters, it is therefore important to engage a specialist with requisite skills in handling the transaction.

What is Sole Mandate?

This type of mandate gives the Agent exclusive rights to sell a client’s property on their behalf usually for a specified period of time as mutually agreed by the parties, this also precludes the owner from selling. In short, anyone interested in buying the property must deal solely with Crystal Real Estate (Pvt) Ltd. Thus, in the event that owner secures a buyer during the period of the sole mandate and transact, the owner is bound to pay commission due to Crystal Real Estate i.e. in other words the commission will be payable even if the person to whom the property is sold was not introduced to the property or Seller by the agent.

What is Open Mandate?

This type of mandate allows the seller to give his property to several estate agents of his choice, and in that regard no estate agent can claim sole selling rights i.e. the one who gets a buyer first will conclude the sell. Under this mandate, the seller can equally secure a buyer  and transact between themselves without obligation to pay agents commission.

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