What is Property Management?

Is the administration of residential, commercial and or industrial properties. Usually these properties are managed on behalf of the owners/investors who maybe corporate/individuals/family trusts etc. As property managers we act on behalf of the owners to preserve the value of the property while generating income. Managed properties include residential(houses,flats,clusters); commercial(offices/retail space) or industrial properties(warehouses, factory/manufacturing space). As property managers / agents we earn a (%)commission based on rentals collected on the property varying with each property type. For any of our services, feel free to contact us on our email for a more personalized service.

Why Engage An Estate Agent to Manage Your property?

 Following our own research through interviewing fellow estate agents and property owners on what really causes the major fallout between estate agents and property owners, we observed that differences mainly emanate from such small things as failure to manage utility bills i.e local authority rates/water; ZESA electricity; levies etc. Again from our research, most property owners are maybe corporates/individuals pre-occupied with their life professions or areas of specialty, in line with that, there is very little time and know-how in managing their own properties and tenants. To the contrary, Estate Agents are typically pre-occupied with property management as part of their duties, besides, agents possess specialty knowledge required in managing properties i.e. Rent Regulations etc

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